Hot Pink and Black Waterproof Messenger Bag
Hot Pink and Black Waterproof Messenger Bag
Hot Pink and Black Waterproof Messenger Bag
Hot Pink and Black Waterproof Messenger Bag

Hot Pink and Black Waterproof Messenger Bag

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Originally designed for and by bicycle couriers, Black Star waterproof messenger bags give you fast and easy access to your load when you're riding or on the go. Plus they look cool!

**Florescent Pink is featured in the image, but does not photograph well on the website. It is a sharp glowing pink that will fade to a light pink after a couple seasons highly exposed to the sun. The light pink doesn't have the sharp glow, but is a softer pink from the get go** Please specify which pink you prefer and we'll get right on it!


This bag is handmade using Cordura, heavy-weight reinforced vinyl, and ballistic nylon, it is a great way to transport your school supplies, a change of clothes, or any other items you may need in your daily travels. In addition to being completely waterproof, our messenger bags are designed to be comfortable. They ride high on the back of both the cyclist and pedestrian, which helps distribute the weight evenly and reduce blind spots, making them a comfortable alternative to standard double-strap backpacks. Adjustable straps and a slightly larger front flap allow a generous volume increase, or provide a great way to carry a yoga mat, skate/snowboard, or other oddly-shaped load. A light loop and reflective strip across the bottom keep you visible and safe too!

A laptop divider can be added for $20, or contact us for more custom options.

Please note: Large size messenger bags are available, however, they're not kept in stock. Please allow an additional 2 weeks for us to make a bag from scratch for you!


Medium: 6" x 15" x 12"
Large: 8" x 16" x 13" (larger front pocket)

Medium:  18+ L 
Large: 27+ L



** We offer this bag with either LEFT SHOULDER STRAP or RIGHT SHOULDER STRAP OPTION in both MEDIUM and LARGE SIZES. Please specify when you order which shoulder you prefer to carry your bag on and what size, this determines the side of the strap. Generally, most right-handed people carry their bag on the left shoulder and vice versa. **

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